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Your Grandparents Influenced You the Most

(Reminder: to read this in order, go to the archives and start at May 17,  2018.)

Of course, you have fond memories of your grandparents.  They helped take care of you, gave you fun toys and played the best make believe games you could imagine.  
I have wonderful memories of my grandparents, too, but they also taught us about aging and death.  Grandparents helped you face the good and the bad growing up.  
When I was in 6th grade, my mother lost both her parents one month apart. They had been suffering with chronic poor health and this was my first experience with losing close relatives. It was a lot for a ten year old to absorb and I thought I was next to die. I was so consumed with hypochondriacism that every blemish or vein on my skin scared me. I did not share my fears with my parents at the time and I suffered great emotional turmoil alone.
Luckily a short time later I ran across a box of books and found an elementary health textbook. The grade school style language and pictures…
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Carving Your First Flute

Reminder: Start Here to read in order (in reverse, actually).

When you're starting something new, you almost feel like a kid again.  Remember the first time you picked up a ball to throw?  How well did that go?  How about trying out a musical instrument for the first time.  You feel a little apprehensive and clumsy?  And how about starting a new job?  It has its own challenges meeting the new crew on your first day and sitting through those infamous orientation sessions.....

The same goes with adopting new patterns to improve your health.
If you want to make a change with your health it takes a number of realizations before someone gets started.
Do you have a vision for your future? How do you want to live your life? What are the current rules you live by that give you pleasure and peace?
If better health gives you a better head start, how should you address your health? Sometimes we don't know where to begin. That can be the greatest challenge. That is why many of us just seem…

What Do I Mean by a Thousand Flutes?

In order to undo a thousand cuts, we need one thousand flutes. The cutting is a damaging technique.  Rather than cut we can add habits to our lives that replenishes. Creating, nurturing, and pruning are the ideal ways to impact your own life.

You are a work of art. Do you believe that?

There is a difference between recreating yourself,  rebranding yourself,  compared to the idea that you are defective and will only look forward to a miserable decline. I choose to recreate and reinforce the positives.

The opposite of indiscriminate cutting is being purposeful and artistic.  The opposite of cutting is carving. Carve out your life in such a way that your body and mind reflect your vision and passion. Imagine you are an unfinished piece of wood. You can carve out one thousand flutes. A flute is a decorative groove carved into the wood.  The more flutes you you carve the more intricate your work of art becomes. Fall in love with the art. Lose yourself in the depth of creativity.  Make the …

Death by a Thousand Cuts

There is a 2008 book titled, Death by a Thousand Cuts, that gives a historic look at a terrible method of Chinese torture.  The details are not important, but the term has taken on a different meaning in psychology circles to describe how small examples of damage occurring consistently over time eventually becomes a huge problem that is much more difficult to fix.  

Some examples would be years of verbal abuse that renders a relationship irreconcilable.  Dave Ramsey, the financial expert and radio host uses the phrase to describe years of mismanagement with small money matters until the problem explodes into an overwhelming case of bankruptcy. 

In the case of personal health, bad habits over years and decades weaken the body until a point is reached of chronic disease that is difficult to treat, not to mention multiple burdening complications.  Which bad habit lead to ill health?  Was it the smoking? Drinking? Caffeine? Sedentary life style? Years of overtime and shunning vacations? Fre…

Start Here- Take Down the Invisible Wall

As you know blog posts list the most recent entry first.  As I am trying to write this in some kind of order to organize my thoughts, then you need to read in reverse order.

Today is May 17, 2018.

Head over to the archives and go all the way back to May and begin your backwards journey.

Acknowledging the Invisible Wall

Welcome to A Thousand Flutes.

Sorry for the bad grammar.  I know it really is one thousand flutes.  But book titles get to be a bit looser and it should get your attention quickly. 

No, it's not about the Pied Piper.  

First, I must say: There is an invisible wall between my peeps and me.  I have been fighting this invisible wall for nearly 20 years and I can honestly say it is wearing me down. 

Maybe life is a bit more stressful.  The world we are living in has changed with technology and the shift hasn't been entirely good. Ideas about health care are getting a bit mangled.  And I think it is because we are getting sicker sooner wit…